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Precision Drilling Corporation 2018 Fourth Quarter and End of Year Results Conference Call and Webcast– Date Change. of fleet High Performance Tier 1 Rigs as of Q2, 2016. Precision's Transfer Agent can help you with a variety of shareholder related services, including:. Precision Drilling Announces 2019 Capital Expenditure Plan, Debt Repayment Update, 2019 Strategic Priorities and Expected Goodwill Impairment. 1-800-564-6253 (toll free in Canada and the United States). Precision Drilling Corporation Announces Satisfaction of Competition Act Condition for the Combination With Trinidad Drilling Ltd. and Provides Operational Update. Precision Drilling Corporation 2019 First Quarter Results Conference Call and Webcast. Precision Drilling - New Build Rig Production Timelapse - Houston Technical Support Center 2015 from. Precision Drilling Corporation Announces Transaction Update, Preliminary 2019 Financial Guidance and Transaction Benefits Highlighted in Management Information Circular. Precision Drilling Corporation Announces 2018 Fourth Quarter and Year End Unaudited Financial Results. Comparison of NYSE U.S. Domestic Company Listing Standards. Precision Drilling Announces Asset Divestitures, Senior Note Redemption and Provides International Contract Update. Precision Drilling Corporation Announces Filing of Annual Disclosure Documents. Precision Drilling Corporation 2018 Fourth Quarter and End of Year Results Conference Call and Webcast. Precision Drilling Announces Credit Facility Extension and $150 Million Total Debt Reduction in 2018. Precision is a leading provider of safe and High Performance, High Value services to the oil and gas industry. Precision provides customers with access to an extensive fleet of contract drilling rigs, directional drilling services, well service & snubbing rigs, camps, rental equipment, and water treatment units backed by a comprehensive mix of technical support services and skilled, experienced personnel. Precision is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Precision is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "PD" and on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "PDS". [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] ExxonMobil and the ExxonMobil logotype are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. ExxonMobil's Americas SN 330 base stocks offer additional availability of Group I products, providing supply chain flexibility. ExxonMobil follows rigorous processes to ensure reliable delivery of consistent quality base stocks so customers can be confident in their base stock supply. (a) In lieu of standard test method, alternate test methods may be used for the certification of a product property. Note 1: Products are certified on release to meet the values specified. Actual values may deviate within the established reproducibility of the test method specified. All products may not be available in all countries. Every care has been taken in the preparation of this information. Typical values may vary within modest ranges and specifications may be subject to change. To the extent permitted by applicable law, all warranties and/or representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information are disclaimed, and no liability is accepted for the accuracy or completeness of the same. Detailed health and safety information for this product is provided in the material safety data sheet (MSDS), available upon request through your local sales representative or from www.ExxonMobil.com. ExxonMobil is comprised of numerous affiliates and subsidiaries, many with names which include Esso, Mobil, Exxon, or ExxonMobil. For convenience and simplicity, the term ExxonMobil may be used to represent all of these entities, and the products and services provided by those entities. Nothing in this brochure is intended to override or supersede the corporate separateness of local entities. Responsibility for local action and accountability remains with local ExxonMobil-affiliated entities.