The academy day 4 walkthrough

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Its user interface is divided into three main parts: tabs for selecting the type of assistance required on the top and performing other required tasks, list of games on the left pane and explanations about the selected game on the right pane. If you have installed the Cheatbook-Database 2019, you will be able to update your Cheatbook Database directly. Release date: April 1, 2019. Interested in how your bond dollars are reshaping and improving our District?. If you'd like to back sweeten your wine you'll need to stabilize it to ensure fermentation doesn't begin again when you add more honey. See the potassium metabisulfite calculator for more information on how much to add. There are an infinite number of variations that you can make with mead.This recipe uses only honey and water however, you could add fruit juices, tea, or even baking spices from your kitchen cabinet. While back sweetening your mead will make it drinkable sooner it will still benefit from aging. With time all the flavors will integrate better and you'll have something really special on your hands. Click for Google map for directions to 1010 Wheatland Rd., Your Bond Dollars At Work Top of Page. to see how you can have your message inscribed into a brick in the quad of WUHS!. is the most popular subdomain of This would take 4 Club hours per Club per Week. Since it's locked, you'll have to jump across the broken bridge to the right of it. Head through the gate to the left of where you just jump across and up the pathway to the next area. From there, head down the path and jump across the river via the metal cages. Head down that path to the last cell where you'll find a hole in the wall. Enter it and head to the end of the tunnel. From there, cross the drawbridge and head to the end of the path. A cutscene will trigger and then you can walk through the doorway you're near, up the spiral staircase, and through the door at the top of it. Kayto should buy Gifts that will please the recipients. During the Common Route, Sola needs a Holo and a Birthday gift should be bought for Asaga. Non-Birthday Gifting may occur during a " Random Meeting ". BEFORE selecting the discussion Topic, open the "ITEMS" hex. This will present only " Gifts " Kayto has purchased. Select the Gift that will most please that particular Girl. For more Gift details see the "Meeting Girls & Affection" section. AFFECTION REPORTS: One of Kayto's destination options is to go Home. While there, beside resting to recover from illness or high Stress he may ask Maray for her "Little Sister Intel" report on the Affection Levels the Girls have for him. This will present only " Gifts " Kayto has purchased. [>] Non-Club activities should be focused on building up Kayto's character statistics, preparing for Exams, and completing optional " Chivos ". Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Below is a list of Gifts available in the Shopping District with an indication of the Affection effect of each for the various Girls. This data is drawn from RemTM's " Sunrider Academy Ultimate Guide V0.6 ". ** Spoilers **. A principal goal for Kayto Shields is to get a real Girlfriend before the end of the Academy year. He has been goaded { or perhaps shamed } into this by his little sister, Maray. To accomplish this, he must earn "Affection Points" with each Girl. To assure that a Girl will accept him, Kayto must build up her Affection to 100 points or as close to that as possible. [>] Star Raider Hologame: Asa +6; Chi +2; other Girls +1 [>] Holo: Sola +8 {triggers M3W1+ Holo-Gift event for Sola}; other Girls +1 [>] Fuzzy Socks: Ava +4; Asaga +1; other Girls +3 [>] Space Whale Body Pillow: Asaga +5; Maray +5; other Girls +1 [>] Incense Set: Ava +4; Sola +5; other Girls +1 [>] Hungry Veniczar Apron: Asaga +5; Chigara +5; other Girls +1 [>] Holonovel: Ava +7; Sola +3; other Girls +1 [>] Recipe Book: Chigara +5; other Girls +1 [>] Sexy Panties: {{varies before () a certain Event for each Girl}}. Interact with the statue of Kamoshida to lower the bridge. As you cross, you'll be ambushed and Mograna will teach you some new techniques in the fight. Complete the fight and head all the way to the end of the path. After another tutorial fight, follow Mograna along. For the rest of the cutscenes, answer how you want. SAVE your Game frequently to avoid having to start from the beginning should a step be missed or if you wish to change any day's steps. Normally I save over a prior save except for a special event, to avoid using too many "save" slots. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Today is your first day of school at the Shujin Academy. Head downstairs and talk to Sorijo to get some breakfast before heading out of the cafe. Go down the east alley that you came from the other day to go to the train station. The alley has a grey arrow pointing south-east at the end of it. Once you're in the station, board the first train you see that's on the right. Each Character Class has a different mix of starting Statistics for Kayto. Each Class gives Kayto an advantage in one of the statistics. For instance, as shown in the image above, "Athletic" gives Kayto a one-time boost of 20 extra Fitness points with which to begin. During the Tutorial portion of a New Game, Gamer must select the Character Class for the protagonist, Kayto Shields. The Classes are: Athletic, Intellectual, Charismatic, Good Karma, Well Rounded, and Wealthy Heir. Gamer may check the current Stats by opening the HOLO and clicking on the "STATS" hex. The images below show some examples of the Stats bar. It can be moved around the screen and there is a "Slider" just right of top-center on the bar. Gamer may use that slider to adjust the size of the bar so it may be left open without blocking too much of the screen. Hearts are used as a measure of earned affection. Each Heart represents 10 Affection Points. Kayto can earn Hearts during Club activities, random meetings with each Girl, and by giving Gifts to them. Random meetings occur with the Girls in the Park, the Arcade, the Science Museum, the Shrine, the Gymnasium, and during school in the Classroom, Library, Courtyard, and Student Council room. At these meetings, several topics of Conversation are presented. Gamer must select a topic that would interest that Girl. The chosen topic should be varied to avoid "boring" the Girl and thereby losing her interest. The image below shows the type of topics available. As noted in the prior "KAYTO's CHARACTER CLASS " section, there is a complete set of Kayto's "Character Stats" for starting the game by choosing. It is recommended that Gamer create a Save-Game at this point. Skip the Common Route. This begins the game at M4W1D3 as shown in the Image at the right. Practical knowledge of protocols, e.g. SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP. Basics of using OTRS (queues, agents, customers, tickets, articles, owner/responsible, status, lock, priority, escalations, ticket types, services, SLAs). Configuration of OTRS using the system configuration: defining and using of service level calendars, using dynamic fields, best practice features, and more. Creation of an example process and setup of a complex process. Please note, this training is only offered to OTRS customers and is exclusively in-house. What will the examination look like? Our exam consists of multiple choice questions. With the multiple-choice questions, single and multiple answers are possible. The questions will be offered through an online platform. Depending on the difficulty level, you receive between one and three points per question. Overview of terminology and OTRS Process Management Features: process, activity, activity types, user task activity dialog, sequence flows, sequence flow actions. Ability to configure web (Apache2) and mail servers. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. More information. Can I repeat the test if I don't pass? Yes, you can retake the examination at any time and without any waiting period. Presentation of useful tools to help with the development of OTRS (Fotrsred, OTRSCodePolicy, Firebug, chrome developer tools, etc.). Experience in using editors (e.g. UltraEdit, VI, VIM). Familiarity with Best Practice Standards IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL ). Experience in using editors (e.g. UltraEdit, VI, VIM). How long is the certificate valid? The certificate is always issued on the current OTRS release and will therefore not lose its validity. Practical knowledge of functions and the structure of directory services. Day 1-2, Module 1: OTRS Help Desk and Administration. Take ((OTRS)) Community Training for Linux platforms directly from the OTRS Manufacturer. This 4-day intensive training on OTRS Help Desk provides important knowledge about the installation, configuration, adaptation and maintenance of your OTRS Solution. This training seminar is especially for our community members. It assures a standardized level of knowledge within the team. Please note, the training is only available in German at present. Practical knowledge of functions and the structure of directory services.